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Got prepaid card, and "PIN", and telephone. How top do I top up??? Donald Murray.


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if you are a new koodo prepaid customer you need to activate your account by going to - activateprepaid.koodomobile.com create your prepaid self serve account, and you can add in your top up card when it asks to top up via credit card or top up voucher. if you are not a new prepaid koodo customer you can top up by dialing *611, using your pin number or by going to self serve on the koodomobile website and add the top up voucher. Also, if you are not a new customer, the $35 and $50 base plans now include Canada wide calling! if you have had either of these plans previously, you will need to change it to the new ones BEFORE adding you new top up PIN.
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You can purchase credit for your account from either a Koodo store or any convenience/grocery store that carries Koodo top-up cards. You'll be given a code to put onto your account by dialing *611. The credit can either go towards your base plan or you can use it to purchase minutes/data.