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Google Play Direct Phone Billing Issue

I just changed my plan to involve a data plan, this was to help me make a purchase in-game since purchasing just using wifi was not enough.Now the form of payment i wanted was direct phone billing which was there prior to me switching my plan. Once my plan changed this option has disappeared and i do not know how to recover it. Google Store only stats that the option is there yet to me it is not. Any Ideas how to fix this Yes i have also tried logging out of my email, rebooting, keeping phone off,etc.

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Koodo doesnt support direct billing from the Google PlayStore
oh? when reading through the Google information about direct billing it says consolt your service provider . Now I have done direct billing before in-game via koodo phone and worked just fine (last year) only tell just recent as I mentioned that this option disappeared
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When ur making the purchase there should b an option to change ur payment option, there u can enable carrier billing for Google play
Yes there use to be but current the only opitions that appear is add Credit or debit card Redeem Add PayPal Prior to changing my phone plan the 4th one option for mobile payment was there though since i had no data plan and only used wifi net it never worked since sms was disabled making it respond with something like i needed to contact my service providor