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Google Pixel Xl Order Status

I ordered a Pixel XL 128 gb on November 12 and I was hoping to get more information about when it will be shipped. 
Order Number: HFO16523845
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Pixel XL 128 are scarcer than Trump Truths.  Let's see if a Koodo rep jumps in with some info for you.
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Hi Frankie - Senator David is correct. Pixel XL stock is on back-order and we're expecting our first batch shipment by early January. This would have been outlined when you placed your order as well. Once stock is received and we're ready to ship out the phone, you'll get a confirmation email with tracking information. Hope that helps for now. 
They're available now it seems... unlike Hillary's morals, which never were, and never will be, a reality. Like Trump, the Pixel XL had a bit of a rocky start (stock wise, anyways), but it's settling in nicely and getting a ton of work done... I'm loving every minute of it (both Trump and my Pixel XL 128)