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Google Nexus 5

Just got an update to my phone of 5.0,1 and now its starting to act up any pointers on what to do.

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First, if your phone is slowing down a lot from the update, try downloading some apps such as clean master to decrease the amount of garbage and unused ram in your device. Also, just make sure your app drawer, the square button, is cleared most of the time because it could slow your device down. And just make sure your unused apps and APKs are removed from your device. Hope this helps:)

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I seriously recommend you wait 24 hrs for the new firmware to settle in. There are a ton of processes that it might be doing in the background to optimize and acclimate itself to your device. I know Master Paul says he always performs a factory reset after an upgrade. I'd have to agree with that. Btw what specifically does "act up" mean?
its freezing up
How often is it freezing up? I had a similar problem I couldn't fix with my nexus 5. It was a launch device purchased straight from google and the problems did happen to me after I updated to lollipop. However, I didn't blame lollipop as I had been using lollipop for a week with no issues until one day I would get constant freezes out of the blue. My phone would just freeze at random times and then reboot itself. It would also sometimes get stuck in a reboot loop. I even factory reset the phone with no success. The freezes/reboots were random too. I could get 10 freezes/reboots within 15 mins or go 2 hours until a freeze/reboot. It would also freeze while the phone was idle too. The phone became unusable basically as you never knew when the phone would freeze on you in the middle of doing something. However, I was lucky that even though I was 1 month over the 1 year warranty with google, they still gave me a no hassle RMA after a couple of online chats with their support. I was happy and surprised they would still honour the warranty. I've been using the refurbished nexus 5 with lollipop for over a month now with no issues. I know this doesn't really answer your question because I don't have an answer to that as I couldn't stop the freezing on my phone. Just putting it out there that if your freezes get as bad as mine did, your phone might just be broken now and needs a replacement if it's still under warranty.