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google maps not updating?

I'm struggling to connect to Google Maps on my Samsung S7. I'm in Edmonton. Whenever I try to navigate the maps, it loads my directions, tells me my ETA, and lets me know I've arrived, but the maps will not update real time as it used to. My boyfriend is also on Koodo with the same phone (literally purchased days apart) but he doesn't have this issue. Does anyone else have the same problem and know how I can fix it??

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Try force-stopping Google Maps. Link with screenshots.
Another option would be to uninstall the updates for Google Maps in the Play Store. If all that fails, last resort before sending the phone in for repair is likely factory-resetting the phone.
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Have you tried any other GPS navigation apps? If so, are you experiencing any problems with them? I highly recommend you try Waze. HERE is another solid app (offering amazing offline options).