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google maps has stopped working

  • 1 April 2015
  • 9 replies

Hi I have a samsung galaxy core lte and one of the reason I upgraded was to be able to use google maps for biking and when I open it and select biking it overlays properly but as soon as I ask for directions I get an error "maps has stopped working". If I open just a web browser and do the same it works as it is suppose to. I have also disable the cache and pull the battery out and no change. Can anyone shed some light on this for me??

9 replies

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Open the play store and search for Google maps Uninstall any updates Restart your phone Go back to google maps in the play store and update it See if that helps
This a brand new phone so when I go into the play store and find google maps I can only update it, or so it seems??
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Update it then
Update it then LOL, guess I didn't think would be such an easy fix, thanks so much 😉
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Update it then Enjoy your biking. Glad I could help.
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Update it then Here tip be sure Clare running apps in background may can cose error message because slows phone down
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Update it then Ok my friend...what exactly is that you are trying to say? 🙂
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Update it then Allow me, I've been studying this.
Here's a tip, be sure to clear apps running in the background as they may cause the phone to slow down and create error messages.