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why is my phone showing up at various locations on google maps history......is it possible to not be moving but to be found all over the map

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Well... really this question has not much to do with Koodo 🙂 However, I think I can answer your question. They only way to have your phone location show steady on Google's maps is to leave your GPS on all the time - but that would drain your battery pretty quick!
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You would require GPS for exact location usually a data connection will give you a decent location. Have you checked for a update for Google maps.
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If location services is on, this will happen. Turn off location services and Google can't track you.
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If you are not moving your phone then Google's location history should only show you in one location, unless you have another device hooked up to that same google account
Mine does this too. But on mine it just opens the app and sends me to Bangladesh and stuff. WEIRD