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Going right to voice mail

I have the s2 and for the last two days when anybody calls me it goes right into voice mail does not ring or anything. I can call out no problem any ideas Thanks

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You probably mistakenly added those people to your block list. Google is your friend.
I am also facing the same problem. I bought prepaid baseplan $15 with 500 minutes booster add on. someone called me from gmail I heard the ring tone, I pressed the green button but I have not received the call. The person who called me told that his call is going to my voice mail. Can you please tell me how I can fix it. Does my plan allow incoming and outgoing call or not?
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There is a option blocked call Plsese check if this on this may be the problem you may look in to fongo mobile this way if you have anyour problem ask people call there won't costs you nothing
may cost on your data but if you use WiFi free calling www.fongo.com
it tell you more and yes you can call 911 if here need to I hope not
I hope this helps you?
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Like we all have time to add everybody to my block list. The man said "everybody" goes to voicemail, not just his mother-in-law. There is a [b]serious Samsung/network issue with certain versions of software. Some folks are on their third Samsung-fixed phone, and not limited to Koodo. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/samsung_galaxy_s4_4_4_2_connectivity_issue Google is your friend... check out: "Note II dropped calls" and enjoy your weekend. You can stay busy the entire next week googling thru "samsung calls go to voicemail" All the trivial fixes have been exhausted, but some phones are OK. Nothing more frustrating to spend hundred of $$$ on a phone that won't take calls.