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going on a med cruise texting plan

I am going on a Med cruise, I have signed up for the $15.00 international text plan, I understand test will not work while on cruise ship but want to confirm it will work while I am in port, also is there something I need to do to my phone Samsung when I arrive that enables the texting or will it work automatically.  Also will the phone work on the cruise ship while in port?

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Have a look here, and make sure you have the necessary travel Pay-per-use add-ons described in the International Pay-per-use roaming section, as they are needed to allow your phone to connect to international carriers.

If in port, and still aboard ship, you will want to be sure you are connected to the local carrier, and not to any shipboard telephone service.
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In settings under Networks, make sure your phone selecting networks automatically.  It it does not work, you will need to manually select your local carrier that you will be roaming with