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going on a cruise - want abilty to text

flying to LA then cruising along the coast line to Victoria. If I get internation texting add on (for international waters) will that include the U.S.? Thx

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Check the add ons section in self serve. It will tell u exactly where is covered. But I don't believe the U.S is covered in the international text add on. Click on Nitty Gritty. It explains everytjjng.
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[b]Best to put phone in airplane mode when at sea and take a US package to cover when you are ashore. International waters not included amongst the standard packages. Specifically excluded.


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Hi Barb!

As Bob pointed out, the roaming add-ons can't be used on cruise ships but you will be able to use a pay-per-use roaming rate on a cruise.

Here are the fees specific to that:
- $7.00 a minute
- $15.00 per MB
- $0.60/texts (outgoing) + Free Incoming texts

Have a great trip 🙂