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Going abroad with a Nexus 5

I am going abroad with my Nexus 5 this summer to the UK and I will be getting a new SIM card from a carrier over there. To get it to work, is it going to be as simple as changing the SIMs and everything should work fine? Then once I'm back I just put back the Koodo SIM and everything would be fine? And with Koodo, I won't have to unlock the phone in order to use it with another network right?

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Should be fine, all google phones are unlocked by default.
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abdel.bolanos wrote:

Should be fine, all google phones are unlocked by default.

Not all Google phones are unlocked however all Google devices Koodo has carried up to this point have been factory unlocked. Just thought I'd add it here incase someone comes here that's thinking of buying a Nexus (Google) device from the US as some of theirs are not unlocked
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A nexus device is factory unlocked You may need to program the access point names for the new carrier. You may not need to. Depends on the new sim. When you come back you should be able to just pop your koodo Sim back on and off ya go. Hope that helps.
OK thanks!
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It is my experience, when I go to Europe, that you do not need to do anything, just insert the new SIM Card and everything starts working fine. If you really want some friendly support just get the new SIM from one of the many provider outlets where your phone will be tested ahead with their SIM.