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Gmail Contacts in SMS Contacts

Does anyone know how to remove the gmail accounts from the main contact list? I've tried unsyncing them and it hasn't worked. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4

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Do you mean the Contacts associated with your Google account? The contacts that appear if you log in with your Google account at Google.com/Contacts I'm not sure you can if you've already chosen to sync them, at least not with the stock Contacts/People App. Have you tried a 3rd-party Contacts/People App from the Play Store? It might give you the option to select which account to use & more importantly for you which not to use. Is there a particular reason you don't want them? Are they perhaps doubled with your Samsung contacts? If that's why, you can merge them together either on the phone one-by-one or they might show up as duplicates when you log into the site above & from there you can mass-change them merging all duplicates at once. I'd personally suggest you don't delete your Google contacts. If you do & then get another phone that's not from Samsung, you'll need to export them from your Samsung phone. If you don't delete them, the next phone you get they'll all appear again without you needing to worry about it.
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After you've unsynced them you need to go to settings...apps..contact storage... and delete the data from contact storage. Just a note that this will delete all of the contacts on your device so if you're not syncing them with Gmail hopefully you have them stored some other way (on your sim or through some other contacts account) once the phone syncs again with the other account or sim you'll only see those contacts.