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Glitch phone. Still on warranty. What now?

Does anyone know how to contact a human at koodo to talk about sending my phone in for repair? It keeps getting a purple pixallated screen and then shutting off with absolutely nothing on the screen (no battery image or blue light). It shuts off like this for a whole day and then suddenly it's fine again but there is 0% battery when I am finally able to turn it on. Nothing wrong with the charger as it works fine with my husband's phone. So how do I speak with someone about my warranty (it's less than a year old) and how can I send my phone in and get this sorted? It's a Samsung S7

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Here is all the info you need about the warranty prtocess:

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Sending for repair is easiest from a Koodo shop. If available there is also an offer of a loaner phone while yours is out for repair, if I recall.

You can connect with Koodo a number of ways, as described in the 'Contact Us' section at the bottom of the page:  you can contact Koodo on Facebook or Twitter.  How-To: you can send a tweet to@koodo - and one of Koodo’s agents will help take the conversation private, or send them a private message from facebook.com/koodo. Koodo Phone Numbers: *611 from your cellphone, 1-866-995-6636, or +1 647-788-4337. A Facebook message or Twitter DM is usually the least time consuming method of contact.

You can also connect directly with the manufacturer, as they are the ones responsible for warranty repair. Koodo just helps you by sending the phone to the manufacturer's repair centre.