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Giving a phone to an autistic person when there's no second party more competent alongside?

  • 27 July 2015
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Shame on Koodo. I'm my brothers only living next of kin, his guardian passed a few years back and Koodo provided him with a monthly service when he stopped at a Koodo BY HIMSELF. He is autistic, and a sales rep TOOK ADVANTAGE of that fact. Now the account has been suspended and sent to a collections. THhis is disgusting that Koodo would let someone with mental disabilities be taken advantage of like this. I'll be phoning customer rep consistently until I can get something done about this outrageous situation. He cannot pay these outrageous charges when he doesn't even have his own home, and lives on a measly disability benefit that goes towards his living situation.  

9 replies

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How can one tell if someone is autistic? I don't know much about it but I thought autism widely ranges from person to person.
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Like Emilx said in some cases you can't tell a person is autistic I myself am mildly autistic yet from daily encounters you would never know unfortunately in this case he must of had all information on him to get a phone because you need certain pieces of I'd for them to consider him for a phone
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There is absolutely no way someone can tell if another person is autistic. Like EmilX said, the levels of autism range greatly from person to person. My best friends brother is autistic and you wouldn't even tell unless you asked. Unless your brother is on the extreme end where it's clearly noticeable, Koodo did absolutely nothing wrong. 
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Even if Koodo saw he was autistic. If Koodo would of said "No we aren't going to serve you because your autistic" you would be here once again with the same disgust with Koodo because they refused to serve a person with autism. At which point I would now say, people want everyone treated equally, regardless of disability or state of mind. Now, because Koodo served him and did what he wanted, you want them to treat him as a special case because he didn't get your permission to get a phone? Doesn't make much sense. On a side note, did you not notice he had gotten a new phone in the past couple of months? You didn't ask yourself how is that phone being paid for? 

I apologize if I sound, inconsiderate or dry, but quite honestly there is no way for Koodo to make you happy at this point, just try to learn from this experience. When you try calling customer service, do not threaten them, do not yell at them, be kind and respectful and they will try to help you the best way they can, but you have to accept how they can help you.
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If you reside in Ontario, your best course of action would be to contact the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, (OPGT). They may be able to provide you with information to determine which steps to take since this is an extenuating circumstance that involves a financial obligation which your brother is incapable of fulfilling. Politely explain your situation to the Koodo representative and keep them informed as to any updates or information received from the OPGT. OPGT http://www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on...
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Hi JM, would you mind sending us an email with more information? We want to have a look into this but we can't access accounts form here. You can use this link http://koo.do/11eMLdy. Please select the category "Social Media" so we can find your email faster. We'll get back to you! Thank you! 
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I'm sorry but I hate when someone uses a disability to get mad at a company. If the guardian of this person passed away than who now has guardianship?! They aren't left with out one because of a passing. The person that passed could of appointed one and they used all the money for other things other than what they are for and made the person deal with life no their own cause some spent even realize that this is happening. Yes I am a mother of a child who was diagnosed with this and my husband works with people with disabilities. There's lots of help out there for them to help them with everyday life and sorting out bills u just have to look. Taking this to a Koodo community is just wrong in my option.
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I'm sorry but I hate when someone uses a disability to get mad at a company. If the guardian of t...Well said Melissa.