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Gift with Purchase Question

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I'm asking this just out of curiosity, I saw on Koodo's website how Koodo is offering the VR headset and controller.  I'm wondering, do you HAVE to take the VR stuff?  I'm guessing Koodo wouldn't offer.gift cards, money, or another.gift in lieu of the VR stuff, and that's understable.  I'm just curious if I was to order it, could I say to Koodo "don't need the VR, you can keep it"?
I know my other option is to just take the VR stuff and sell it or give it to a family member. 

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Koodo is not offering it, Samsung is, so no substitutions. You could sell it to someone dying to have one, though.

You can also wait until after the pre-order time period, when it will no longer be offered.
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I can pay for shipping!! I'm sure I'll find it a good use