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Getting ues to the new cell phones coming out and do we have to get the new up dates ?

im just wondering what is the top of the line cell phones we can use to out advantage ?

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Hi Raymond,

Try using this link to help you decide what phone is best for you:

When it asks for a carrier just click on choose later.
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If we're talking about premium phones that Koodo carries, then I think the S6/Edge and Note 4 are the top 2 devices, followed by the iPhone 6/6+, then the Moto X Play followed by the G3. If you're looking at purely top of the line phones without buying from Koodo, then the Note 5 and S6 Edge + would be the newest ones. Then you'd look at the other flagships from this year, like the LG G4, HTC M9, Xperia Z4/Z3+, and even some cheaper options like the OnePlus 2 and ZTE Axom. Smartphones have gotten so good to the point where we look and less and less at what the manufacturer does correctly as to what they actually leave out. There will never be the truly "perfect phone" as we will always basically come up with a frankenphone of different pieces and designs amalgamated from other phones.