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Getting rid of old phone with money still on tab

If I want to get an iPhone 4 but I still have a $100 dollars left on my tab for my samsung galaxy ace. How can I get rid of my samsung and get my iphone? Can I just pay the $100 I have left on my tab

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Just sell it to a friend or on Kjjiji/Ebay, you cannot pay your remaining Tab,
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The amount of money you spend if you "paid off" the Tab and started another Tab S comes out to be the same, that's why Koodo has that policy. Your other option is to get a Tab M, that way you'll pay less in-store for the phone. You'll have to switch to one of the newer plans and will be subjected to a $5 Tab charge but at least the contribution will be 15% of your plan + the extra $5 to help pay it down faster. Any outstanding balance after 24 months is waived, too, which is sweet. Have you looked into getting the Nexus 4 at all? I'm sure the Ace has a left a bad taste in your mouth for Android, but it's improved significantly since then. It's the same price as the iPhone 4 but it's much newer, faster, and it comes unlocked out of the box. It's awesome specs for the price.