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Getting pretty angry

Getting pretty angry that I have ZERO texts incoming from a contact who is a subscriber to a different service provider (Virgin/Bell) - this contact who I cannot get ANY texts from happens to be my mother. Koodo - you best get this right or I'm taking this phone (which I own and is unlocked) elsewhere for service with a provider that doesn't have problems delivering ALL texts.
Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
Plan: $40 Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging and Unlimited Province-wide Calling

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Hi Justin, Did you ever get texts from your mother or are you a new customer?
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I understand your frustration. Missing important messages can be a huge pain.

Let's try to go through this step by step.

First off, is she able to receive your texts?
Are you able to send/receive texts from others?
Was your mother able to send/receive texts from you before?
What phone does your mother have?
Are others able to send/receive texts from your mother?