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Getting multimedia spam messages every so often from "koodolmsadmin@telus.com"

I have recieved three to four messages in different intervals from an email called "koodolmsadmin@telus.com / KOODOLMSAdmin@telus.com" with a 1KB multimedia attachment, I have unfortunately tried opening it using wifi and mobile data but it never opened. I am unsure if this is an official email or a fake. I do not know if my phone has been exposed to some type of malware now or maybe it was just harmless spam messages for some type of promotion. I am unable to block further incoming messages from that email nor can I forward its contents to be investigated to 7726.
The other messages including this one have been deleted but just incase I have saved screenshots of it.
Is there a way to block this email on my Samsung Galaxy core or through my phones number/email? 
Should I be concerned about the contents this email is sending me?

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