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http://en.oppo.com/product/find5/ An all around amazing phone that is completely open source. The manufacturer takes users into consideration and have bi-weekly updates bringing features the users want. Not what the manufacturer thinks the user wants. It has great specifications featuring a 441ppi Full HD screen and 2GB of RAM;it is bound to be a popular phone. However retailing at the suggested price of $499 for the 16GB and $569 for the 32GB, the price is pretty steep. If Koodo could offer it at a subsidised price with the Tab, I'm sure many people would buy it, including myself. Not to mention the fact that few carriers are offering it yet in Canada, so being a first is bound to attract more customers.

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So it's an open source phone with a non-standard os that will be changing bi-weekly? As a tech support rep who would have to walk customers through operating their phone, I'll say no thanks.
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Keefer, Thats a great idea! this will definitely be popular with our teen/techy demographics. Koodo should be the first carrier to carry the OPPO brand here in Canada. We would be the exclusive carrier for a little bit and we can definitely attract more people who are already aware of Oppo smartphones.
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Many issues with the Oppo Find 5's current OS (to be expected), although owners are quick to point out, that the manufacturer pushes software updates on a bi-weekly basis. Reports indicate the Oppo operates very well with custom ROMs and can run Android 4.1 without carrier/manufacturer bloatware. I don't think this is a device for the everyday user, the price point alone puts the Oppo Find 5 into a higher end classification. The majority of people out there want something affordable that works straight out the box, the bi-weekly updates could very well be the Find 5's downfall. All things considered, this is a very sleek and feature packed device and might be worth looking into once these issues have been addressed. The specifications are impressive and it would be interesting to see how Android truly performs without all the unnecessary junk that carriers and manufacturers seem to feel the need to include on their devices.