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Get the OnePlus One ASAP and get the LG G2 along with the Xperia Z1

The OnePlus One is all the rage right now in the tech world and it looks like a all around great phone which Koodo costumers will love, I know it isn't quite available yet but please work on getting it ASAP that would be great. Also the LG G2 and Xperia are solid phones that deserve some respect. Thanks

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The OnePlusOne phone isn't meant to be a carrier sold phone; it's destined to be sold directly from the manufacturer. It's had poor marketing and failed to generate interest for a Canadian carrier, of all countries, to pick it up. G2 was/is a great phone... I'm using it right now. Telus had them certified pre-owned (pretty much new condition) a few weeks ago for $300 (+tax) outright online, including free shipping. Came in retail packaging instead of the normal box, plastics still stuck on it, with a wrapped charger but no headphones. Even had a 1 year warranty. I don't see any more on their website so I think they're all gone. Still, if Telus does have any more kicking around that weren't RMAd and wants to get rid of them I think they should send them over to Koodo. History has shown us that it has worked well before (S II X and Note II). As for Xperia line... I agree, I think Sony is a bit underappreciated in the Android market here in Canada, but Telus/Koodo traditionally hasn't very many Sony phones. In fact, I think the Z1 on Telus last year was/is the first Sony model sold since the Xperia Ray from 2011, which is a bit disappointing.
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I would love to see the OnePlus One exclusive for Koodo but it is available at oppomart.com