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Gerald Prediger

Recently my wife and I went on a cruise to Alaska.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received a text message from Koodoo informing me that Koodoo offered communication options at a reasonable rate while I was out of country.  Really liked the 100 texts for $5.  How about offering 148 texts for $7 to commenorate Canada's 148 years of being a country?  Not only would that 1.  encourage national pride, but 2.  offer a great rate to others who are out of country, in particular the U.S.A. for a short visit and 3. enable Canadians to keep in touch with their loved ones back home. 

A special thanks to for understanding that pocket dials do happen.  When in Alaska I pocked dialled our son.  Our son texted and said that I had and for quite a length of time.  I said no I hadn't, I thought he was joking as he is practical joker.  So I checked my phone records and sure enough it was there.  On returning to Canada I phoned Koodoo and the agents were more than willing to listen to my story and they immediately took off the pocket dial charge.  I know other companies namely Virgin Mobile that won't even take off pocket dials to Canadian numbers while I have been in Canada.  They have no heart, Koodoo does.  Hats off to you.

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My phone auto locks after 5 min. Just thought it would interest you and prevent anymore of those pocket dials. Plus, the security it gives you. Only take a few min to dial a Pass Word. Just my two cents worth. Great comment, and I'm glad I'm not with Virgin either!