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gator plum plus

So I was unimpressed with koodos log of phones so I went looking for a cheap and durable phone. Then I found this little guy. 

Would someone be able to tell me if the phone is compatible with the koodo network?

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It should be compatible with the koodo network.
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1. That's Amazon.com, so they won't ship to Canada. You have to use amazon.ca. 2. That phone's specs are horribly underpowered. You say you're disappointed in Koodo's phone selection but the one you want is straight out of 2012 with a dual core processor, low RAM, running Jellybean. Yikes. I think you should find a different model altogether. I know it's cheap but prepare to pull your hair out after downloading just a few apps.
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For a durable low cost phone you would do well with a Moto E.  Much better specs than the one you saw at Amazon.   Add a Motorola flip cover to it and it will be well protected.