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gallaxy ace ii too slow

i recently got a gallaxy ace ii phone and find it to be too slow loading any app or even using the phone to call or text. is it the phone that is not working properly or that's the way this phone is?

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The Galaxy ACE II is a basic smartphone, with limited internal memory, expecting a lot from this phone will be too much, there are some recommendations that you may follow to have a better experience with the phone... Since the internal memory is limited, I will suggest you to buy a SD CARD, and everything like photos, music, apps and so on, save it there to save that internal memory... Also do a clean up on your phone by deleting whatever you do not need... Once in a while power cycle your phone (remove battery and Sim Card and but everything back in and turn it on)... Also press and hold on Home button so the active apps will pop on the screen, close them to free the RAM. It is a good phone, it is just about knowing what its capacity it and how to use it properly...
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Camilo_A wrote:

The Galaxy ACE II is a basic smartphone, with limited internal memory, expecting a lot from this ...

Also turn off windows animation and transition animation, remove non-essential widgets, use an alternate Home Screen launcher, reduce the number of Home Screens, install a faster browser, move apps to the SD card like camilot suggested, monitor apps for memory usage, remove unused apps and data keep up to date(OS), Don't use defragmentation apps or Task Killers
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I suggest trying to use a cache cleaner and ram booster such as the ones I've linked below. The ones I've linked below are paid versions but if you look at the other apps from this developer on the Google play page about half way down each page you should find the free ad supported versions of each app. The Ace 2x has about the same specs as the Nexus S and using these two apps are the only way I could keep that phone running smoothly. Cache Cleaner - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.infolife.cachepro RAM Booster - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=imoblife.memorybooster.full The RAM booster can be adjusted in settings to activate automatically at a certain threshold or time or every time the screen turns off and on again. The paid version can also be set to boost at a higher level so IMO it's worth it. To them and let me know if it works for you. Remember to star the answer that helped solve your issue.
I have this phone and yes it's a budget smart phone that is very slow and laggy. I use the app clean master to clear ram constantly. Without doing that often, then the phone just gets slower and slower over time.