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Galaxy SIIX is beeping then disconnecting calls

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In the last few weeks my Samsung Galaxy SIIX has been disconnecting during calls. I hear one beep then the call is gone. It is not the same sound as when you hit the End button. I'm making sure my face is away from the phone so I don't think it's my cheek hitting any buttons. And, it's happening when I have a strong signal (4 bars). I've pulled my SIM and restarted my phone and it still seems to be happening. I've had this phone for about a year and a half and it's only recently started doing this. Any ideas what it may be? Is my phone dying??

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It's possible but it could also still be the area you're in. Do you happen to have another phone you could try your sim with? Also under settings...wireless and network...more...mobile network...network selection, make sure you're set to automatic.
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Thanks. I'm going to try my SIM in my husband's koodo phone and see how that goes. Since it doesn't happen with every call I'll probably have to snitch his phone for a week or so to fully test it. I checked those settings and it is already set up for "automatic"