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Galaxy S6 - Gold Platinum or Blue Topaz

Are there any plans to bring either the Gold Platinum or Blue Topaz variant of the S6 to Koodo? Both colors are significantly more aesthetic than Black or White in my opinion. Fido and Rogers are currently carrying the Gold.

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Hi Dennis. Typically those colours are carrier exclusives and in the past, Koodo never got any cool exclusive colour or any colour apart from black or white phones. Leads to believe they will be continuing within the same path for this years model as well. Hope this helps!
Thanks for the answer. I will go get myself a white one tomorrow from Koodo.
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It's so unfortunate isn't it, those colors mentioned indeed bring the look to a whole other level like you said. I'm thinking of getting rid of a couple of my devices just to grab one of these killer colors from elsewhere unlocked.
yeah....i too paul...
I wish and pray that koodo gets the Gold S6 or gold S6 edge,