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Galaxy S6 Gear VR compatibility?

The gear vr starts to be sold in canada december 11th 2015. That's in about a week from now. I want to know if the build version currently sold by koodo is compatible with the up coming gear vr. I have read that rogers needs to do a software update on some of the phones to make the gear vr work, Is this the same case for koodo?

I'm a koodo client with a monthly plan and in need of a new phone. I'm interested in an s6 but only if it works with the gear vr 🙂

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I personally can't answer the question but if nobody here can then try finding out if the Telus model is compatible as its the same as the Koodo model and it just loads a few different apps when either a Telus or Koodo SIM is installed such as their respective self serve apps. If you find out elsewhere come back and let us know.
I found that in a rogers forum, a representative stated that [b]Galaxy S6 that have a build number that ends with OJ7 don't need the software update to make use of the Gear VR. 

Good call on looking at Telus for awnsers. I'll report back if i find anything!
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Here is a little info at MobileSyrup, Doesn't seem to be much info out there yet.