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Galaxy s6 edge, wont receive any calls, but can make them. Help Me

My phone today just started not allowing calls come through. The incoming calls don't even go to my voicemail and say incomplete dial on the other persons phone. I can make outgoing calls no problem. Can also receive and send texts.. can any body help me figure out whats wrong??

I tried restarting the phone. Double checked to see if the do not disturb was on, its not. Just tried contacting koodo but they are closed for the evening

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I have absolutely no solution for this... I think it may be a technically related problem. I don't have nothing that comes in mind right now! 

You will need to call Koodo or message them in the morning!
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Hi beezy, are you having issue receiving calls from only one person, or multiple? If it is only one, I suggest you ask the person to contact their carrier. If it is multiple, you'll have to call in our technical support for troubleshooting, as this definitely sounds like a network issue.
It is from multiple people. I will call be calling koodo very shortly here. Thank you