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galaxy s5 upgrade

i switched to koodo a while ago but kept my phone i had with rogers and just unlocked it. it is a samsung galaxy s3 and i would like to get the new s5. just wondering how much it is if you can give your old phone or if i will still have a tab

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You can sell your old phone to Koodo for not much or sell it on Kijiji and get more. Are you getting a discount now for being a SIM only customer? The answer to your question depends on what tab you'll use to buy your new phone and how much you get for your S3.
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Hi Emily,

If you decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 your options are as follows:

Buy the phone out right for $725 and you can take advantage of a 10% discount off of your monthly price plan or you have the option of choosing between three different tab types as well. Tab Small - this takes up to $150 off the retail price of the device.
- Example the phone is $725 without a tab.
Phone with tab small is $575, plus this allows you to have any plan for a postpaid account on the device.

Tab Medium - this takes up to $300 off the phone but requires a $5 tab charge added to your monthly plan to help pay it back faster
- Phone would be $425 with a Medium Tab.

And finally,

Tab large - takes up to $500 off the retail price off of a phone (though this method is not always recommended) and you are required to sign up for a tab large plan (starting at $70/month)

The cheapest method is to go with the medium tab as it is cheaper than the other tabs in the long run.

Hope this helps 🙂
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Best upgrade answer ever !! 🙂