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Galaxy s4 WiFi issues

So I upgraded to the s4 not too long ago and my bills seem to be going up and up because I have to pay for extra data usage which I never had to with my old s3. I connect to WiFi when at home or out someplace where they have it but when I connect to WiFi at home it gives me maybe 1 out of 4 bars and tries to load things forever and ever and eventually I have to turn off WiFi and go onto network to get it to do anything. I have the most up to date modem for Rogers I can sit outside my house with my computer and such and get clear as day WiFi signal but bring my phone to the same places and it won't work. It's frustrating me to no end because I can't afford all this extra money on my bills!! How the hell do you fix it!?!

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Try unplugging your router for a minute or so then plug it back in and let it completely come back on then try connecting to it again.
Also try connecting to the 5ghz connection of your router it's wayyyy faster than the lower GHz connection. Also if it's not working at all make sure your entering the password correctly on the phone for your router password.
I have tried the hard reset of my router and that never works..passwords put in ate correct...it never wants to connect to the 5g network it acts like it's going to for a second then just stops attempting to connect to anything it will only connect to the regular network and unless I manually connect it often attempts to connect by itself had comes up with authentication error so then I manually connect and it works but will either stop actually letting the Internet load any new content whether on apps like email or facebook etc or on browser or it will just spontaneously go back and forth from WiFi to koodo network...I'm in areas I know there should be strong signal as my husband still has the s3 and receives strong signal everywhere I can't seem to...overly frustrating
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At this point it would be best to do a factory reset on your phone , it may improve wi-fi.
Make sure you back up your phone 1st.
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If nothing above seems to work (including a factory reset) then I'd say definitely bring it in for repair to a koodo kiosk if your within the 1 year warranty period.
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If your router is an older D-Link, they issued a firmware update a while back to fix problems with certain models not playing nice with the Galaxy S4.

Provided your S4 connects well in other wifi areas, it might be cheaper/easier to upgrade an older router and reserve a fixed address on your network for the phone to stablilize the connection.
It is the newest best modem you can currently get from Rogers not dlink so shouldn't be an issue
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Lol are you using the Rogers modem/gateway then there's your problem there just bad I have the same one. U need to call Rogers and ask them to put it on bridge mode and then it will act just like a modem then connect your own dlink router
No, I'm on Bell Fibe. Thanks for replying
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Gary Fox wrote:

No, I'm on Bell Fibe. Thanks for replying

Please don't revive 2 year old threads....