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Galaxy S4 vs Nexus 4

Preferred ??? which is best to have ???

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Depends on what your looking for. They are fairly different phones in a couple aspects. With the S4 your getting a bunch of things. The camera is going to be higher MP, its a larger higher resolution screen, LTE compatible, faster processor, bigger removable battery, and im sure a few other things. But its more money. With the LG you still get a large screen, stripped down operating system that will run fast, but is missing a few things like expandable memory. But on the flip side its an extremely reasonable price for this phone. If money wasn't an issue Id personally get an S4, but if I was on a tight budget Id have no problem getting a Nexus 4.
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it really depends what's important to you. The Galaxy S4 has a better quality & bigger display, is slightly faster processor, faster connection speed with LTE, better camera, way more features, much better battery life, slightly better sound, removable battery so you can get a second battery and swap them out when one dies. expandable memory through an SD Card slot The Nexus 4 is much cheaper, much much faster updates to the OS, more storage space available of the 16gb until Samsung releases the update that allows apps to be transfered to the SD Card which nobody is 100% sure if that update will be a available for carrier models. You can root the Galaxy S4 though and do it right now if you know about rooting. So basically the Galaxy S4 is the better phone but your also paying twice the price for it. I'd your contemplating the 2 then you might want to wait till the Galaxy S4 Google Edition becomes available in the Google Playstore, then you get the better hardware of the Galaxy S4 but fast updates because it will have a Nexus experience like the Nexus 4, but then you lose all the Samsung features like Smart Stay, Air View, gesture features ect you lose all that. If you like all those added features then Grab the Galaxy S4 from Koodo. Best thing to do is find a store that has working models of both devices and try them out. either one you get though make sure to get a quality 2 piece case to protect it against drops. I recommend the Otterbox Defender or INCIPIO DUAL PRO Case. I have the Galaxy S4 and it's the best phone I've ever used and I've had a lot of phones including the Galaxy Note 2 and HTC ONE and I'm loving my Galaxy S4. The only issue at all is the limited internal storage but that's fixable so it's not really a huge issue, other than that I find it perfect.