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Galaxy S4 Update????!!

when will the galaxy s4 update which allows apps to be moved to the sd card and other improvements be available on OTA or Kies? I337M It frustrating that it is not available yet.

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Unfortunately Koodo won't comment on when updates will be available or even if they are coming, possibly due to competition reasons, or simply because it requires multiple different people (and companies?) to push out the update. You can follow the Koodo facebook page though and they usually post any additions there: https://www.facebook.com/Koodo?fref=ts
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Hey Woo Hoo, the updates are controlled by the manufacturer. That being said, your device will let you know when you can download the update. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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I'm very excited about this update as well and can't wait for this to happen as it will make the Galaxy S4 the perfect device hands down IMO. If koodo/Telus has a chance to push/influence Samsung to release this update get to pushing koodo 😉 lol
Ya thanks for all the replies. The update is not available in the USA OR CANDA. USA is a major market and its not even there yet, this is reassuring as it means that Samsung has an order of rolling out the software and it means koodo (hopefully) will release the update as soon as it is available in Canada. Also koodo has no customizations or bloatware on the s4 so it means they have no reason to delay it ( which is a common thing carriers and companies do so they can make their apps and customizations compatible) Hoping for the update in the next few days Sorry for spelling mistakes or typos
It means that koodo is not delaying it so we just have to wait for samsung