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Galaxy S4 Camera Lag

I switched from my S3 to an S4 and I downloaded the newest software for the phone and installed facebook,snapchat,instagram and the back camera and front camera work awesome with lots of light and the front just sucks in low light when I use the installed apps to take a video with low light you can see it lagging and goes blurry any fix for this or exchange it for a new one 2 of my family members have the same phone and said there's is excellent in low light

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Hey Jordan,I've tried an S4 and i never thought it was too great in Low light situations. Does this happen in only the installed apps you mentioned or even in the stock camera app? Using the camera in apps like snapchat,insta, or FB tend to affect the photo quality quite a bit since it compresses the picture in which case this is perfectly normal.
only does it in the apps camera is fine in the stock app just annoying sometimes feel like going back to the s3