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Galaxy S4 Autocorrect lost all my remembered words?

My Samsung Galaxy S4 has suddenly lost all my remembered words, like my children's names, "ok", "hun" etc.. it keeps constantly trying to autocorrect them to something else, when it didn't before. Well up until a few days ago when my 2 year old got ahold of my phone and possibly did something... lol Any ideas on how to fix? I checked and predictive text and word replacement are still checked like before...

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It sounds like someone reset your keyboard in settings or the data was deleted in the application manager. Unless you create backup images of your phone, you wont be able to recover this. You just have to keep using your keyboard for it to relearn how you type
Ok thank you I'll keep trying, but it doesn't seem to be relearning them. Hopefully it will as I keep using them. :S Just wasn't sure if there was something I was missing. I looked around online and saw several different threads (From the States I think) mentioning to change the keyboard to Swype, but mine only has the option for the Samsung keyboard...
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Go to your keyboard settings and make sure your predictive text is on. Also click on the word predictive text and make sure Personalized data box is checked
Yes they both are checked Dennis, but thanks for mentioning it.
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Also try pulling out the battery and restarting the device. Could help reboot things
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Hey Dani, try this keyboard called SwiftKey it's much better than the keyboard that comes stock on any Android device. It has the best prediction of every keyboard after a week or 2 and you can also set many things like what apps it learns from, keyboard key size, theme (colors & slight shape differences) & you can now even place the keyboard anywhere you want on the screen, if you want to have swipe enabled & more plus you can sign in with your Google account and sync your predictions across devices & restore them when getting a new device or resetting the device to a factory state. Here's a link to the free version to try then if you like it which I'm sure you will you can buy the full version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.touchtype.swiftkey.phone.trial
I have tried a battery pull too, no real change. I don't really want to download an app for it (I don't actually use the swype type function). I just wish it would autocorrect the way it did a week ago... 😞
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I second the SwiftKey suggestion. It's the best keyboard I've used on Android and it's always the first app I download when I get a new Andriod, followed closely by the Google Keyboard.
Thanks for the suggestions all. I'll keep it in mind, but I really don't want to download another keyboard. I generally like the Samsung keyboard, with the number row etc.d I've always been using this one, it just seems like it's been wiped and doesn't seem to be relearning anything.... I have Predictive Text turned on, and have even tapped on the 'Learn From Messaging' many many times, but still doesn't seem to be learning my regularly used words really. *Sigh*
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Swiftkey here too! And since they added cloud support, your custom dictionary is always there waiting for you 🙂
Some random Mobile Master wrote:

Swiftkey here too! And since they added cloud support, your custom dictionary is always there wa...

Google keyboard is a good free alternative also. I've been using it in favor of SwiftKey and I don't see much difference between the two
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Don't remember if it does or not but check if there's an option under the phones settings menu in the language and input section to re sync your keyboard. If not then go to the settings menu again but click on your Samsung account under the accounts section then click the account and check for an option for keyboard there and make sure it's checked off. Then at the top right corner tap sync and it should sync your Samsung account to the device an keyboard if there indeed was an option.
Hi I don't know if you figured it out yet but I was having the same issue. I like my Samsung keyboard but it wasn't saving words. Just reset it. Go into settings, language input, click the settings cog by Samsung keyboard and down at the bottom is a reset. Click that and it will start to save your words again. Hope this helps.
THK U ,,,, u helped me alot
Perhaps the 'update with new and popular words' box should be unchecked. I find that my personalised keyboard seems to spontaneously forget everything without a restart or any input from me. A scheduled update could be the reason.
This is not done by what you think, its by some update, that had also crushed my SKB, i did the following, mine is working fine now. Settings>Application Manager> All(Tab)>Samsung Keyboard>Clear Data> Restart Phone (by shutting down> removing battery, inserting battery, Power on) But please note, you will have to resave all personalized data, other settings should be to your convenience, Mine are, Settings,>More(Tab)>language and input>Keyboard Samsung> Language >English US Predictive Text >on Auto replacement> off Auto Capitalization> on Auto Spacing> on Auto Punctuate> on Keyboard Swipe None Sound>off vibrate>off Character Previw> on
Go to settings, Application manager and slide the bar at the top to ALL then scroll down to Samsung Keyboard. Select it and click CLEAR DATA. Then go back to home screen, select settings, MY DEVICE and scroll down to Language and input. Click it then click Sansung Keyboard and then click Predictive text. Turn on the feature and click one of the learning options. I used the Learn from messages.

After that go to home screen and everything should be fine.