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Galaxy S3 won't stay turned on when I'm connected to data!

My galaxy s3 shuts off and restarts repeatedly, but only when I have my data turned on. I've tried removing the battery multiple times and have uninstalled several apps as well, but within seconds of my turning the data on it shuts off. What's going on?

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What Android OS are you running? Have you tried upgrading to the latest one? Also, is the device still under warranty?
My last update was a week or two ago, I think. I've got it set to automatic system updates. I can't recall the specifics of the last one though. And it should still be under warranty, I only got it in January.
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It sounds like a defective phone. I would recommend going back to the Koodo store you purchased the device from or reaching out directly to Samsung: http://www.samsung.com/ca/info/contactus.html Good luck!