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Galaxy s3 service issues

I have an s3 mini, since I bought it it has been having service issues. I will have four bars but when I try to send a message it says no service and it will say message failed to send. Then at same location when I retry, it will send. It says I'm connected to Telus but I have a koodo plan, there's no Koodo option.

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Koodo never sold the S III mini, to my knowledge... Ace II X, S III (regular), and S4 mini yes but not the S III mini. Since Telus is the parent company of Koodo a lot of times you should be able to send/receive being registered to Telus but I can't confirm that. If it's within 15 days you can exchange it for another model but after that, you'll have to send it in for repair or... get another phone.
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Have you tried a new SIM Card in the phone?