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Galaxy S2X Jelly Bean Update - Low Call audio

After the Jelly Bean update i see low call audio even after keeping it to max, similar observation with my friend having same phone. Another observation is ringtone and alarm sound goes into silent. And works okay after rebooting. Looks like some kind of link issue to sound file. Is there any setting i am missing.

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Hi Bhushan, that's odd! Did you power cycle the phone since the update? ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Go into the phone dialer and hit the menu key on the phone, then go to settings. See if there's any adjustment there to add extra volume. Also when in a call look at the display and see if there is a speaker icon by the persons photo, if there is press it and it will boost the call volume ( I don't have the S2x but these are features on my Galalxy Note 2 running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean so its worth mentioning I figure) If none of the suggestions help try doing a factory reset of the phone, whenever I have issues with any of my Android devices after a major update I do a factory reset and it almost always helps. To do a factory reset go to settings - Backup & Reset and click on Factory reset and follow the onscreen prompts. * Keep in mind it will delete everything on the device so backup your contacts and anything you don't want to lose, you'll also need to download your apps again after the reset*
Any better suggestions I have the same problem