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Galaxy S2 SGH-T989D won't connect to Kies.

I have Android 4.0.4 'Ice Cream Sandwich' on my phone, and I'm trying to update to 4.1.2 'Jelly Bean'.
Installed Kies(2).  It won't connect to my Koodo Galaxy S2 SGH-T989D phone.   I've tried installing Kies on 2 different computers, one Vista, one Win7.  I've tried 2 different USB cables.   I've tried all kinds of troubleshooting tips (like connecting with USB Debugging turned on, which downloads drivers to Windows).
Nothing wrong with the USB cables.   If I connect in 'USB Storage' mode, it works fine, I can copy files back and forth from phone to computer.  And I use these cables to charge the phone.
The problem seems to be with Kies.   It won't recognize, or 'see' the phone.   I find it hard to believe that Samsung would put out a software that doesn't work.   Surely Samsung has seen the myriads of postings from people having this problem over the last few years.  I've followed the directions.  Is there some requirement that I'm not aware of to make this happen?
Richard Whitehouse

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I've only heard terrible things about kies.
Is using [b]it specifically necessary? 
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Thanks, Richard. May I ask what we're wanting to use Kies for? I have used Kies many times in the past and never once was the experience smooth. It is well known that this platform has a lot of bugs and Samsung can never seem to keep up with the program repairs. 

Often I will use one of the many workarounds to solve my problem
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Kies is no longer supported. The new method is called smart switch. Go to Samsung website for more information.
I guess Kies is just not possible.    Smart Switch doesn't support the S2, according to the FAQs on the Samsung Smart Switch site.

Maybe I'll try one of the other methods, I'm not sure.   Don't really want to take a chance on messing up my phone.

Thanks anyway, everyone.
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What's the update, Rich? Did Smart Switch end up doing the trick? Could you please let us know what you're trying to do with the phone, i.e. backup data, transfer files, ect.