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Galaxy s2 problem with apps not connecting to internet and cannot send texts, help please!

I have an samsung galaxy s2, only about a year old and it had an issue the other day where it wouldnt turn on and would partially turn on while buzzing every few seconds. I ended up solving the problem which turned out to be caused by the on button being stuck but on getting it back on now half of my apps won't work or connect to wifi/data and i can receive texts but cannot send them. is there any way i can solve this without getting a new phone ?

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With all that off/on action, its possible something was corrupted in the software or you're low on storage space on the internal storage. Goto >settings >>apps On the bottom of your screen. Check to be sure you have more than 20mb available. Anything less and android begins a freak out process. Delete any apps you don't really use. If you've plenty of internal storage, which doesn't include space available on an SD card, your next step would be a factory reset. This is a destructive option in that it destroys any personal data /files you have on the device and returns it to the factory state (like it was brand new). >Settings >> backup and reset >>> Factory Reset Keep us posted
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