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I've been keeping an eye out for the Galaxy Note 7 and once it was announced, I was anxious to see who was offering it. To my surprise, when I was reading the news on mobilesyrup and android central, I saw that Koodo was one of the carriers who will offer the Note 7.

So far, I've seen competitors offering details about pre-orders, pricing and availability. However, I have not seen anything from Koodo or even Telus. I have been to the stores and the reps had told me that were still waiting to have some info.

Does anyone know if Koodo will offer this phone? I know the Note 5 was not offered at the time it was launched. I am wondering if this time it will be different.


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You kind of answered your own question, did you not? Mobilesyrup said they confirmed Koodo will carry it, so I guess then yes Koodo will offer this phone. But without Koodo officially stating ti annot know 100% sure.
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Koodo did officially state on Twitter that they will be carrying the note 7. No other details have been provided. Keep an eye on their Facebook page, that's where such details are usually announced.
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It will likely be an online only phone, but it's all speculation until it's announced.