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Galaxy Mega at Best Buy?

I asked at Best Buy today and they said that they don't have control over the phones they carry. I love the extended warranty that they offer and have gotten all my Koodo phones there. Anybody know if Koodo has any intention of moving the Galaxy Mega into Best Buy stores?

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Not sure if anyone here will know or if Koodo will comment on it, I think the only thing to do is to keep checking. Phones sold through Koodo kiosks have a full one year warranty against all manufacturer defects though which covers everything except physical damage (smashed displays, dropping the phone In water, ect). What does this extended warranty cover that makes it worth paying extra for? Have you made any claims using this extended warranty? I'm just curious thanks.
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I can't recall completely but I could have sworn I saw the phone at BestBuy Yonge and Dundas. I might be wrong but try giving them a call or other BestBuy stores in your area. @Paul: I believe it is a 3yr no questions asked coverage equivalent to the value of the phone at time of purchase. So the way it was marketed to me was that if in a yr or two I wanted to switch phones I could choose any new phone of the same value my old phone was bought at. I don't recall the terms and conditions nitty gritty