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Galaxy Ace will NOT turn on

My galaxy ace will not turn on anymore, I took out battery for a while, but still nothing.... Is it done? I had to reboot it a month ago, lost a lot of info. My bill has been higher ever since as well. But I just want my phone to work, don't care about my expensive plan right now....

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When did you get the phone?
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Hi Kevin, if you have this phone for more than 1 year, it won't be covered by the warranty anymore and you would need to get a new one. You can use your Tab if you're eligible or activate a non-Koodo phone, provided that it's unlocked and compatible: http://koo.do/JKw568. If your phone is still covered by the warranty, you should bring it to a Koodo store to have it repaired: http://koo.do/SXj0N3. You'll find more info about the warranty on this link: http://koo.do/JVO5Mk. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.