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Galaxy Ace phone washed, some what works? any ideas?

I washed my son's Samsung Glaxy Ace phone, its been sitting in rice for over 2 weeks. Currently it when turned on, it shows 2 screens, the title screen samsung, then the model screen, then it turns to a black screen * where it normally would load the icons*, it also shows the battery screen when dead, and charged it shows the big green battery, it also still vibrates when it says its fully charged. Any ideas on how to get the rest of the phone to work?

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Well Krissie, I wish i am a phone genie and can fix any broken phone. But your phone is dead, better off buying a new one. Koodo sells pre-owned directly from the website. I suggest buying one of those.
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If you want to try saving it, I would throw it in in a bag of rice for 24 hours and do a lot of hoping. The rice will try and absorb the water and has saved peoples phones before but its definitely not a sure thing. Some stores also sell a kit which is a bag to put your phone in, and a package of desiccant (the tiny little baggie that comes in shoe boxes). Which again are meant to dry out your phone and hopefully prevent any damage.
I have seen these kits that Mark mentions but didn't see anything special in them, I went to a Western Tack shop (where they sell them Big hats and boots) and asked for some silica packets. Took 20 silica packets + rice in a bag plus an iphone for 48 hours then took it and it worked. Now for an Ace...wouldn't bother