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Galaxy Ace II x specification verification

I purchased Ace II x last month. I find it's slow to respond. Also i noticed for the camera (back) i don't get 5 MP picture. Rather 3 MP. I can see RAM 645MB, System storage ~2GB(1.78GB). But from Koodo webpage phone feature- User memory 4GB Rear Camera 5 MP .. CPU speed 1GHz Anyone has suggestion - How can i verify those? Do you see the same data on your Ace II? Also i am looking in Google play - to find cpu speed app. Thanks

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The phone does have 4GB of storage but some of it is taken up by the OS (hence your 1.78 user available). The camera is a 5MP resolution, but there's a lot more to a good picture than how many megapixels it is... regardless, I don't see where you see 3MP from? CPU speed is 1GHz, but Touchwiz wasn't really optimized for that CPU/chipset. It's not very fast by today's standards. Basically, the Ace II X is just a weak phone. It's cheap for a reason. An exception, however is the Moto G. For the same price, that device is much better in pretty much every category except for the lack of microSD support and no wall adapter.
Thank you, I used some application from googleplay to see camera resolution such as - IsGenuin - camera res 3MP, Test your Android, Camera info - Image resolution 2048x1536, ZDeviceTest - Supported picture size 2048x1536.
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Ive got the ace 2x and it has 1.78 gb storage it says it takes 2560x1920 pics which is 5mp. for camera to verify you go to camera and touch the gear and go down to resolution. tap that. where ever the green dot is that is what your res is set at. to find user memory you got to settings memory. and right when you tap that it should come up user memory which is 1.78 and to find ram you go to applications manager and tap that switch to running and it will tell you the phone ram.