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Galaxy Ace II wont turn back on but is fully charged!

My Samsung Galaxy Ace II. It is only about 4 months old. Doesn't go near water, haven't dropped it, stepped on it etc. This morning the alarm work me up so it was fine, by the time I was at work and went to check my texts (live in an out of service area) 2 hours later it won't work. The battery was fully charged last night, the power button won't do anything. Tried taking out the battery and then putting back in. What in the world happened to it and how in the world do I fix it?!?! PLEASE help!!

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Might have ran out of battery life sooner than you thought.
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May sound like a silly question, but you are using the power button (side of the phone, top right corner) and not the home button (oval shaped button with silver rim on front of phone), right?
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Could that because you live in an out of service area, the phone is constantly trying to obtain a working signal and depleting the battery quicker than normal. Best practice would be to put the Ace 2x in Airplane mode. This will stop the device from scanning for an available signal and preserve battery life. You can still access Wi-Fi if you need to update apps or check email. Just remember to disable Airplane mode once you get to an area where there is cellular coverage. To enable Airplane mode, go to: Settings > More settings - enable Flight mode by placing a checkmark in the box. To disable, remove checkmark.
No, it's none of these things. When I have previously hooked my phone up ot be charged at least it comes on and shows it is charging. It no longer does that. It's just a black screne like when it's turned off. Yes, use the power button, and it has never ran out of battery in 2 hours before (and when it does it makes a noise letting me know it's getting low), if it was that, then it should work when charging again. None of that is happening ): And no, I can not access ANY thing. It is black, that's it.
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Amber Flanagan wrote:

No, it's none of these things. When I have previously hooked my phone up ot be charged at least i...

Time for a new battery by the sounds of things.
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Then for all practical purposes your phone is shot. If you're still within 1 year of purchase bring it to a koodo kiosk. They'll send it in for repair and you can get a free loaner in the meantime.
Rikkster, here's hoping it's just that! Timo, Ugh, ok, thanks, was hoping there was some sort of magic cure, will have to head to Calgary tomorrow and see what can be done. Thanks everyone.