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Galaxy Ace 2 issue

  • 10 August 2013
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Hi again, I just have a technical question issue with the Galaxy ace 2..... i am just wondering how all my pics that I thought were saved to my SD card (b/c I checked the details of pics and it says save path onto SD card) how did they get erased? I was playing in my storage settings and went into "misc files" thinking I could get rid of stuff there to make space on my phone. Well I clicked a few things and the next thing i knew all my pics I had saved from Tumblr and pics I edited from photo editing apps were all erased!! and I know i have the settings on save to SD. (pics art/pixlr express/pixlr-o-matic/camerazoom fx) I was so pissed. I am sick of my phone space being used up so fast. Why is it filling up my phone memory and giving me warnings even though I KNOW that those pics are saving on to my SD card? That is what I don't understand. Should I uninstall and re-install certain apps? because right now when I see the bar graph of how much space is left on the phone its saying more than half of the space is taken up on apps and I know that is balogne. Please help! any advise/suggestions is appreciated. Please educate me on what I'm doing wrong and help pleaseee

5 replies

Hello. You have to watch for 2 thingz.. First, the storage on Android device is called sdcard, even shen there is no sdcard inserted. Second, if you have a sdcard inserted, then you will have it called extsdcard. That's the one you want to use to save your pictures. The sdcard is the phone main storage place and not the safest place to keep thing. You can use files explorer applications, like es files explorer to move your files on the external sdcard if not done automatically. You can check for files recovery on Google play to see if you can restore some lost files. Using an app like Dropbox can save some headaches too.. I leanrt it the hard way too
Hello. You have to watch for 2 thingz.. First, the storage on Android device is called sdcard, ...I have to agree with Pat and think this is the problem. I have the galaxy ace 2 as well with a memory card and indeed it is confusing at first when the internal memory is also called sdcard. Have to make sure to save to extsdcard.
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Well, I can't answer how you may have erased your pics. Unless you reformatted your SD card they should still be on it. Pop in to your computer to see w=it they are still there. The Ace 2 x has a 2gb internal memory, which is very decent. So, either you have a ton of app or have a few big ones. You can't really move app onto an SD card, so that won't help. But all your pic and music should be on it to avoid shorting yourself on the internal memory. It's probably time for a full refresh on your phone through a factory reset. Just remember this will erase everything and restores your phone to the original state, so make sure you save everything you need first.
Thank you guys for the advice! First of all, thanks for the info about the difference between SDcard and extSDcard!!!!!!!!!! wow!!! I had no idea about that and it all makes sense now. If I had only known that sooner! So I think i've figured it out. I've got my phone camera set up to save in extSDcard. as well as a couple of photoediting apps that will allow that pathway to save. I've downloaded DROP BOX so that I NEVER loose stuff I like again! lol. I wish I had gotten that app sooner. oh well.. I also realized in applications manager on my phone I can click each app to give me a breakdown of MBs etc... and I can also "clear data". that seemed to help free up internal space on my phone. and as for my tumblr app and twitter app, i uninstalled them and re installed them and it freed up boatloads of space! without loosing pics i had saved. so i'm a happy girl now. thank you for the help and hits etc.... I am not very technical or smart phone savy. thanks for helping I apreciate it!
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I use an app called Android Assistant which gives the option to move newly downloaded apps to the microSD card. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.advancedprocessmanager Android Commander for WIndows is a good tool to view the contents of your device and locate missing files. Connect your Ace 2x via usb cable and look under the directories that you've mentioned to locate your files, drag and drop them to your desktop for later retrieval and to free up storage space. The left pane are Window's directories and the right pane will be your Ace 2x's directory files. http://androidcommander.com/