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G3 Vs Nexus 5

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I'm trying to decide whether to get the LG G3 for $410 or the Nexus 5 for $360 w/ the bonus $75.

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G3. Creative software features, better camera, bigger and removable battery, higher screen size/resolution, double memory capacity + microSD card, and I think it looks better but that could be subjective. The only advantage the Nexus 5 has it comes unlocked but that can be done for the G3 afterward too so there's little reason to pick the Nexus 5. Don't worry about the price; get yourself something nice that will last longer.
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Ok I think I'll do that. Thanks for your time.
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Yes nexus dose comed unlock good thing but no removebe is not good thing use keeps dust out of phone but the problem with non removebe battery is the error message keep in mind Sony android is lot butter then nexus bit don't rade in to it I could be ronge