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G3 Compasses Don't Work

G3 compasses off by 90 degrees. Test with a compass app or Google sky map. Calibration does NOT fix this issue. Do not suggest factory reset as that is an unacceptable waste of time. It is a common lg problem on g2 and also g4. Please treat and post if you have this issue. It is ludicrous that such a basic function doesn't work.

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If you feel your device is malfunctioning then it has a 1yr warranty. Visit a kiosk and explain what's happening and they will send it in for repair.
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Of the numerous complaints I've read, the 'fix' comes in the form of a software/firmware update from LG. This according to numerous posts that date from as far back as November 2014. The articles I read were posters on the Sprint (US) network using the LS990 CDMA variant of the LG G3. I wasn't able to find any reports of the Canadian variant (LG G3 D852) affected by the GPS issue. Hopefully the next update your LG G3 receives will correct this problem. Sprint (US) GPS Issues https://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/168520?start=30&tstart=0 - go to page 3 and read posts 37, 39, 41 & 44