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From Prepaid to Monthly Website Error

My prepaid phone died a few months ago so I got a new phone and decided to go with a monthly plan this time.  We just swapped all my information from my old prepaid phone to my new monthly phone.  Same email, same phone number.
Now, when I log into Koodo online, even on the "monthly" customer site, a prepaid bill of -14.22 just keeps coming up every month.  (Which is what I did pay when I was on Prepaid just to keep it active).  
My question is, how come I keep getting my prepaid account on Koodos website when I'm on monthly now?  

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There is no bill/invoice on our prepaid service, so I'm a little confused. Would love to help though. Is the monthly plan under your name? Couldn't find your account. 😞 If you send us a private message on Facebook we can check your account. 
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What does it say on your detailed pdf ebill?