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Friendly, efficient and caring CS!

I lost my data connection last night when it was too late to call Koodo, but I did call first thing this morning and had the most amazing customer service experience! My line was disconnected while they were trying to trouble shoot my phone and, not only did I get a call-back, I also got an apology (even though I'm quite sure my earring was at fault!). Every time I call Koodo, regardless of the reason, I feel that-as a customer, I am being put first and I love it!! Keep up the excellent customer service experience!

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I agree with Stephanie. I had avery good experience with Koodo service that I switch my wife account from rogers to koodo.
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Hi Stephanie, thank you for your feedback! If you wish, you can send us your compliments by email and we'll make sur to forward them to this rep and his manager: http://koo.do/10znFdG (you'll need a Self Serve account). Thanks again 🙂